Jeremy Stangroom, who is currently developing a range of protein shakes for philosophersAccording to Wikipedia, I am a British writer, editor and website designer, which is not wholly inaccurate.

There used to be a blog here, but I was hopeless at updating it, so now there's just this one page.

If you're interested in my work, then probably your best bet is to follow me on Twitter; or friend me on Facebook.

Or maybe you could read my article, I'm an internet hypochondriac, which I'm told has therapeutic benefits for people suffering from health anxiety.

Otherwise, here are a few of the web projects with which I'm currently involved:

I've written a number of books, some of them, such as Einstein's Riddle, quite well known, others, not so much. My latest, written with the wonderful James Garvey, is The Story of Philosophy.

You can contact me at: